You missed the boat

Who doesn’t miss the good old days? I mean, 1950s ironically upbeat television totally proved how fabulous life was. In the old days, a man could legally punish his wife, women couldn’t own property, and a dad could trade his daughter for a field, or whatever else benefited the clan. Back in the day, there wasn’t a disease a little bloodletting couldn’t cure.

But that’s not exclusively why we miss them. It’s because God was present in the old days.

Image by Jeff Jacobs from PixabayRight now we don’t know if he’ll come through like in the past. He may have parted the Red Sea, but he could have brought us here into the desert to die. We’ve always seen him faithful before but he might not be this time

Nothing is like it used to be. It isn’t a subconscious justification to prove cessation theology when we say the Bible is perfect. We just know there can’t be growth in translation philosophies. We could only expect God to help that one time in Latin and the Holy Spirit needed to change to prevent confusion since we’re devolving.

That’s also because we’ve lost our language and ability to see beauty in words. There’s no hope for our grandchildren to communicate. Instead of “nothing new under the sun” we should fear because “It’s all new, and a slightly downgraded version of a changing God who used to move in his people but is pretty much done now.”

Your parents were better than your children, so you were just born too late. He spoke to previous generations, but he’s going to drop this next one because their pants are too tight. We tried to make America great again, but the glory days are over.

And also, you should just be sad because the world is going to end. The promise of life more abundant is a promise with a shelf life. The only promise left is the great apostasy, so stop looking for God’s miracles in your sphere. Lament, not over your sin, of course, but over the way it used to be! 

Be careful of romanticizing the past—you can turn it into something it never was.

God has so much good in store for us. It’s just going to look different. So different, so good, no human kind can comprehend it.   

Here’s something from back in the day when my husband was my “friend” and made me mix tapes: Two Step by Throwing Muses. 

You may be “Two steps behind the rest, one fingertip too long…” but you didn’t miss the boat. God is still moving and has good plans.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.