Praying naked

I am not a Bible scholar and I do not want the responsibility of being a teacher—but I discussed praying with someone recently. He had read something which professed a heart change when you physically humbled yourself before God.

Basically, you need to kneel when you pray to get the most out of it.

As a result, he rarely had time to pray—correctly—so he avoided it all together.

(This is the danger for teachers: people love to create dogmatic agendas out of a minimum number of words. We don’t even need to get the original gist correct.)

I’d already wrestled with the idea because when I was young someone told me it was disrespectful to pray to God naked. Especially if doing something base, such as sitting on the toilet.

My answer to both of those—what if you think you’re dying of hepatitis or being raped? Can you not call out to God because of your gross body? The idea of needing to physically cover yourself to be presentable to him is so ridiculous it’s reminiscent of fig leaves. The same applies if you think you can compel God to hear you because of the position you angle your limbs.

Of course if this intent is misconstrued, some might think I advocate boldly walking before the throne of grace to flaunt sin. Or that you shouldn’t bow before him.

I think if we had any idea of what is happening during prayer we’d probably always fall to our face.

Just keep a few things in mind because it is the condition of our hearts we need to occupy ourselves with, not focus on creating a compulsion or obligation for God to hear.

Remember who you approach–God Most High.

Remember why you approach him–Because you cannot save yourself and you are totally dependent on him.

Beyond that, I doubt he is any more fazed by your baseness than he is impressed by your lovely new outfit.

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