Sworn to the Desert Cover

Was woman made for God, or for man?

A compelling look at the way woman’s identity and spiritual purpose can effect the heart of a girl.

When young Cori’s best friend is no longer allowed to play with her, she knows that it’s her parent’s fault. She vows to have the priesthood in her home as soon as it’s her choice. But no matter how she strives, she can never fully belong to the right family.

As an adult, all the threats she has run away from finally catch her. Now, she must reconcile the weighty responsibility of forging her own path through the traditions of men. 

After spending half her life looking for a safe place, Cori discovers that sometimes you have to walk into the desert to find home.

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Sworn to the Desert Content Warning (CW): incest, suicide, animal death, self-injurious behavior (eating disorder), miscarriage.

Series Placement

Sworn to the Desert is the first book in the Breaking Bonds series. Each book stands alone, and can be read independently. If you want the recommended reader experience–they happen chronologically in this order:
Book #1: Sovereign Ground
Book #2: Heart of Petra
Book #3: Sworn to the Desert

“I feel like her words really spoke to me personally. Strength and vulnerability are both signatures of womanhood and also the hardest struggle. Especially in a desolate spiritual place. In Sworn to the Desert, I found an experience that changed me. ”
Kristine McCord, Author of The Santa Society
I read this book in one sitting. I didn’t plan on that. But Johnson’s books hook me. And they don’t let go. Her books leave a lingering impression because they resonate…
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