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Are the footsteps getting louder?

A gripping tale of a young girl romanced by two worlds. In one there is the allure of power, and in the other, the love of someone who’d value her for more than her body.  

A ward of the state at nine years old, Sparrow finds herself living with her half brother and the sister-in-law who didn’t want her—or the curse she came with. She drops out of high school just before graduation, desperate for a way to support herself before she turns eighteen. Sparrow accepts a job bussing tables at a bar and ends up on stage before the night ends.   

The money is irresistible when it brings the possibility of controlling her future. But before long, she witnesses a dancer strangled and loses every dime she’s earned. She tries to find a simpler job, but no opportunity can outrun the curse. Now, she can hear the footsteps behind her, too. 

In attempt to grasp fleeting hope, she decides to confront the one who cursed her in the first place—her grandfather.

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Sovereign Ground Content Warning(CW): sexual assault, pornography, kidnapping.

Series Placement

Sovereign Ground is the first book in the Breaking Bonds series. Each book stands alone, and can be read independently. If you want the recommended reader experience–they happen chronologically in this order:
Book #1: Sovereign Ground
Book #2: Heart of Petra
Book #3: Sworn to the Desert

“Hilarey Johnson doesn’t settle for easy stereotypes. Sovereign Ground is a tale of clashing cultures and competing fears.”
—Tosca Lee, New York Times bestselling author
  • Top 10 Idaho Fiction, Idaho Author Awards 2015
  • First Place, General Fiction, Idaho Author Awards, 2015
  • Best Fiction eBook, Idaho Author Awards 2015
  • Christian Writers Guild Operation First Novel Semifinalist 2013
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