You Love Who You Love

I am never more acquainted with my counter-culture views than when I listen to popular music. Most songs fall flat. I find myself adding lyrics or “postscripts” because the declarations are so contingent and guarded yet offered as amazing tributes. They just aren’t good enough — I’ve grown accustom to the unconditional kind of love.

John Mayer’s “Who You Love” has rankled me the most lately. It’s the same sentiment of “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with,” which played on the oldies channel when I was a kid.

Even when my husband was “just a kid” he told me love is a choice. I expect nothing less than that unconditional love from God, my husband, my family. This is a direct product of understanding God’s love for me.

But I realized I had a problem. Choosing to love doesn’t just apply to my spouse and other intentional relationships. It means everyone. Even “those” people.

Sometimes I meet a person and I’m filled with a divine love, an immediate connection and desire to minister to or serve her. I can’t deny this as the work of the Holy Spirit, and I’m thankful for it when it happens because I see God.

But sometimes, it’s just not there…

I’ve left it alone for the most part. But every time that annoying song comes on the radio I realize by not loving an irritating, needy, (insert your most undesired adjective here) person I am not obeying God. And just listening to her problems, helping or serving her — without love means I am nothing.

Not it is nothing … I am nothing.

In fact, it even smacks of favoritism.

2 thoughts on “You Love Who You Love

  1. Shane Dean says:

    Interestingly enough, I’m confronted with this same choice everyday at work. Most of the beginning of the shift involves confrontations with very hard to love inmates. But inevitably while making 3am rounds God brings to mind that His love for those sleeping figures should be my love for them also.

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