What would you change in your life?

My husband and I were sitting on the swing the other night talking about what we were most excited/nervous about in the upcoming move.

We’re leaving the house we raised our kids in to downsize: less rooms, less house, less yard.

Something about a strawberry patch begs for a fairy garden. Even now, I want to walk tiny dolls under the leaves.

I’m sad whenever I think about losing my yard and overwhelming garden, but I’m not spending any extra time watering and weeding.

It’s hard enough to let go when you initiate change, and I keep wondering what it would be like if we were moving against our will.

I just finished “Maid: hard work, low pay, and a mother’s will to survive” by Stephanie Land and it’s kept things in perspective. It made me realize that when you think circumstances are your choice, they are easier to bear.

The thing is, even not making a choice is a choice.

What would you change if you could? If that excuse didn’t pop up instantly?

The problem is, change only happens when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of changing.

Of my roses, I will miss this color the most: “Charisma” floribunda.

This is one of the reasons Christ’s promise of abundant life is so powerful. I can look back and see that the things which are currently good in my life–they were submitted to God before they became good. He has been faithful with whatever I have trusted Him with.

It’s what he’s all about–setting us free.

So what would you want to change if you were uncomfortable enough to follow through, and you were willing to trust the process to God?

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.