What to Read?

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince broke the record for the biggest midnight opening gross of all time. Once again Christian families everywhere make the decision whether or not their kids will be able to participate in movie conversations with friends.

Many won’t blink an eye because their kids read the book and the next logical reward for the time spent reading is to watch the movie. I have used that in home school: whenever one of my kids finish a classic novel they get to watch the corresponding film during school time.

But books and movies are not the same…even the advocates for reading “regardless of subject material” often take the fence on movies.

I know this dead horse has been kicked around enough and truthfully I cannot eloquently explain why I liked Lord of the Rings but I am not interested in Harry Potter, but here is an analogy I decided I would use in my justification:

Next time your child reaches for the oreos minutes before dinner… relax. At least he’s eating.

Also: I know some might advocate eating home grown, organic, sun-warmed tomatoes — but ketchup has a hint of all that in it.

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