Water is thicker than blood #savesaeed

My dad once told me “I grew up hearing blood was thicker than water — but it isn’t true.”

He said your sisters and brothers in Christ was where you owed allegiance. That becomes your family: your eternal family.

I know some who have found truth but are afraid to leave their earthly family and rather focus on the longing that they will be united in eternity somehow. But Christ said he came to divide families.
Luke 12:51-53 and Matthew 10:34-37

This is one of those doctrines we might try to ignore or explain away (especially when your babies are little.)

The idea is that you cannot chose anything … anyone over Christ.

American citizen, Saeed Abedini is in prison in Iran for sharing Christ ten years ago before it was illegal there. He was arrested a few months ago, even though he was obeying current laws, by only performing humanitarian work building orphanages.

At church last Wednesday his wife said other Iranian Christians who have escaped to Turkey long to come here — to have family in Christ.

The most effective weapon we have is prayer. But know that the simple efforts of tweeting, posting, signing petitions and writing letters shows the world this family, this body of Christ.

The Holy Spirit, our living water, is more binding than any earthly relationship.

Have you done your part to #savesaeed? There was a petition before his sentencing, but here is a new one that will be presented to the UN because of the Iranian laws Iran is infringing: UN Petition for Saeed

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