Unobservant Mom

Last summer I put my kids on an airplane to spend a week with my parents. That is not the easiest thing to do, regardless of the fact that it was a direct one-hour flight and they were together.

It was only the second time they flew and I was as nervous as any parent doing something out of the ordinary. I got the pass to walk them directly to the gate, fretting over the fact that it was the last year I was going to be able to do it–they would soon be too old.

I huddled them together for one last prayer, a blessing, anything that would protect them while I wasn’t there to do it myself.

I begged God with everything in me that He would take care of my kids while I couldn’t. After I finally said Amen, my son told me that their gate had been changed. Apparently they had announced it while I prayed. He told his brother and sister to get their carry-ons and follow him.

It was almost an instant answer to prayer, God is always taking care of them better than I could.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.