Trustworthyness of the Bible

Whether or not God is real hinges on the validity of the Bible. I say this because God promises that though the grass withers and the flowers fade, His word will endure forever. Isaiah 40:8

So if he couldn’t keep this promise, if he could not prevent his followers from accidentally corrupting his word, or he couldn’t stop his enemies from maliciously destroying/altering his word–would he really be God?

We don’t have to worry about asking questions like this, not if God is real. If he is real, he will be able to stand up to the toughest scrutiny.

It fascinates me that when Satan first spoke with Eve, he misquoted God’s word. See Genesis 2 and Genesis 3. (Notice that before Eve took the fruit, she also misquoted God’s word in verses 2-3)

This is one of his oldest tactics and he uses it all the time, twisting God’s word or getting us to doubt God’s ability to preserve the original text for us. (Think of all the “prophets” who have been visited by an angel of light declaring the Bible had become corrupted and given different versions.)

Yesterday we had a guest speaker at church, Charlie Campbell, author of “Archaeological Evidence for the Bible” and many other books and articles you can see on his website:

We bought the DVD presentation and are looking forward to it, but here is yesterday’s message summed up.

7 Evidences for the Bible’s Validity(Charlie Campbell)

  1. Fulfilled Prophecy
  2. Archeological Evidence
  3. Internal Consistency (impressive because there were about 40 authors, across 3 continents, spanning 1500 years.)
  4. Extra Biblical Writings (Verification of people and events in non religious writings)
  5. Scientific accuracy and foresight (such as Isaiah 40:22 and Job 26:7)
  6. Manuscript Evidence (Dead Sea Scrolls)
  7. Persecution of the Disciples (No one dies that kind of death for something they know to be a lie)

His DVD will go into detail about all of these points. I found his site pretty hard to navigate but the DVD I am talking about is “Amazing Evidence for the Trustworthiness of the Bible” and it is $8.95 Click here and scroll down.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.