Trials and Outcomes

I often wish and pray to know the reason for trials in my life. I feel like if I knew what characteristic I was to learn or the benefit I would achieve, then I would get through easier.

Imagine as a parent, trying to tell your child about the benefits of a sibling:

You will have someone to play with, of course I will be objective about arguments instead of taking your side as I do with your friends.

No one will be a friend like the new baby, of course that will be because I never want to drive you over to friends’ houses because the little sibling will be jealous or lonely.

The dining room table wont feel so empty, which is a good thing since we won’t be able to eat out as often.

You’ll have someone to share with, I mean someone that you will have to share with…

I guess it is a good thing you don’t walk into financial trouble with the knowledge that you need to be more compassionate about others’ needs. Or suffer loss with the thrill that you will become empathetic.

Maybe God keeps us on a “need to know” basis in his mercy.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.