The number 10,000

Micheal Hyatt’s Blog on Friday was part of a two day post about “Why Real Creativity Requires Work.” He mentioned a book which discusses a 10,000 hour rule–the time required to become good at any task.

The reason the number jumped out at me is because we have a saying in martial arts:

When you practice a form 100 times, you begin to understand the moves.
When you practice a form 1,000 times, you begin to see an opponent.
When you practice a form 10,000 times, your spectator will see your opponent.
My husband grew up studying the same style of martial arts and it was a saying often repeated in his school as well. Of course we say it to our students now too.

The idea behind it–that you only become good at something after you have invested a certain amount of time has really encouraged me. Some people have a natural talent or a little “beginner’s luck” but people who are really good at what they do have invested hours above all else.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.