The Lord is not restrained

We are still studying in 1 Samuel on Sunday. Something that left a big impression on me was 1 Samuel 14:6. “Then Jonathan said to the young man who was carrying his armor, “Come and let us cross over to the garrison of these uncircumcised; perhaps the LORD will work for us, for the LORD is not restrained to save by many or by few.”

The Philistines’ garrison was defeated that day because of the courage and faith of Jonathon.

I have something challenging me and occupying my thoughts and worries. I wondered if I could ask for a sign like Jonathon did to see whether or not to proceed.

I am hesitant because a funny preacher (Gayle Erwin) once joked that laying out your fleece was sign of doubt by Gideon in Judges 6 and we have made a whole doctrine surrounding his lack of faith.

I know the Lord is not restrained. Anything I ask is possible, yet I only want to pursue his will so I will. We’ll see what He says.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.