The Importance of Conversion

You probably thought I meant proselytizing, but I’m talking about arithmetic.

People are often good in either math or language. I hated math in school, but since we started home education with Singapore Math, everything I missed fell into place and I began to enjoy math.

My gardening hobby is growing, as hobbies tend to do, and my husband built me a few extra raised garden beds. I know how to find volume easily enough: length X width X height, and I felt confident with my understanding of converting cubic feet to cubic yards. 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet.

So I took my simple equation (16 feet X 4 feet X 4 inches X 27 X extra beds) and checked it with a calculator…unfortunately I did not change the 4 inches in height to feet (.3)

Two days and 12 yards of dirt later, we rest our weary muscles. My sweet husband.

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