The Importance of Conversion

You probably thought I meant proselytizing, but I’m talking about arithmetic.

People are often good in either math or language. I hated math in school, but since we started home education with Singapore Math, everything I missed fell into place and I began to enjoy math.

My gardening hobby is growing, as hobbies tend to do, and my husband built me a few extra raised garden beds. I know how to find volume easily enough: length X width X height, and I felt confident with my understanding of converting cubic feet to cubic yards. 1 cubic yard = 27 cubic feet.

So I took my simple equation (16 feet X 4 feet X 4 inches X 27 X extra beds) and checked it with a calculator…unfortunately I did not change the 4 inches in height to feet (.3)

Two days and 12 yards of dirt later, we rest our weary muscles. My sweet husband.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.