The Garden

I promised a few pictures of my garden, though it seems to change weekly this time of the year.
I am not sure how many square feet my garden is, but my hobby seems to grow like my hops vines. (lots) We doubled our raised beds this year.

For our scarecrow, I used an old shirt I wore when I served tables at a place called the Garden Cafe. I think the logo is appropriate because the birds think that is what my strawberry bed is..their garden cafe. though it doesn’t work, I leave it up to startle myself.

I also have a peach tree, a nectarine tree and two apple trees on our standard lot. But after reading some great info about compact back yard orchards from DWN Home Gardens, I plan to add a apricot and a plum tree soon.

I pruned back our apple trees to fit the expected addition, and so of course pondered the idea of Christ pruning us for grow. You know, a hard-pruned tree in the hands of a novice is not the most beautiful thing in the world. Good thing God knows what he’s doing!

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.