Teachers Are Bad Company

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Not all, some teachers are my favorite people. They have a noble calling, just like a police officer. But don’t be naive–just like a police officer–it is ugly when they have self-serving, dogmatic agenda.

1 Corinthians 15:33 Do not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.”

My son recently received a low grade on a verbal argument report because, according to his teacher, his beliefs factored in too much with his opinion. I am not sure how you would manage to not allow your belief system permeate every fiber of your opinion/actions/thoughts/life. But this was for a class titled “The Theory of Knowledge.” No real knowledge mind you, just the theory.

We take it in strides, because after all, it is an International Baccalaureate (IB) school and geared for future UN leaders.

But the class that really bugged me was science. I’m not stupid, I only expected them to teach evolution. However, the teacher wasn’t really even doing that. Instead, the week of final exam, she showed “An Inconvenient Truth.” Then, more than 40% of that class completely failed the final. (My son passed, lest you think I am griping for this reason.)

The reason I gripe is because this is the sheet she passed out at the beginning of the year to display what they would learn: (I copied it exactly.)




VERY IMPORTANT: Please indicate whether each of the following statement  is true or false, in terms of how you think biologists understand the term “evolution” today. YOU do NOT have to AGREE with the statement for it to be “true”. Your answers will be confidential, and will not affect your grade. In every case below, “evolution” means “biological evolution”.
On your answer sheet, darken “A” for TRUE (to Biologists), or darken “B” for FALSE (to Biologists).
  1. Evolution is as much a fact as the fact that planets go around the Sun.
  2. Evolution is something a person should either believe in, or not believe in. 
  3. Evolution is a process that includes the origins of life. 
  4. Evolution is primarily concerned with the origins of humans.
  5. According to evolution, people came from monkeys a long time ago.
  6. Evolution was first proposed by Charles Darwin.
  7. Evolution is know as “Natural Selection”. 
  8.  Evolution is something that only happened in the past; it is not happening now.
  9. Evolution is something that happens to individual organisms. 
  10. Evolution is a totally random process, a series of accidents. 
  11. Evolution was developed as an idea to destroy or undermine religion. 
  12. In order to accept evolution as a real process, you cannot believe in God. 
  13. Most major religions in America have officially declared that they have NO conflict with evolution.
  14. Evolution simply means “change.”
  15. Evolution is only a theory.
  16. Evolution is like a chain, with each group of organisms evolving into the next “link” in the chain. 
  17. There are many traditional fossils, with traits intermediate between different groups, as expected if evolution happened. 
  18. Fossils reveal many problems that evolution cannot explain. 
  19. Biological, medical and agricultural research increasingly assumes that evolution occurs. 
  20. Evolution has been tested and challenged many times, but has always been supported by the results.
  21. Big dinosaurs were common during the time of early humans. 
  22. Evolution involves individuals changing in order to adapt to their environment.
  23. According to evolution, new species usually result from major mutations in a single generation.
  24. Most of the major groups of animals suddenly appeared in the “Cambrian Explosion.”
  25. The formation of complex structures, like the eye, can now be easily explained by evolution. 

I am impressed how she got the kids to lower their guard with the “your answers will be confidential.” And then had them mark things as true or false “according to biologists.” She effectually had them write true on things they might not believe–there has to be some sort left brain right brain learning technique in there.Apparently biologists think differently from the rest of the world.

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My favorite comments (you’ll get an extra chance to win) will be any who offer a rebuttal to the teacher’s  “truths.”