Sworn to the Desert Launch Reviews

Thank you so much for helping me launch “Sworn to the Desert.” I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. Regardless, I appreciate all honest reviews.

The most common thing I hear is that it’s intimidating to review books. Please don’t worry about writing your review. Anything you have to say is valid to a potential reader and precious to me. You can also add that you received it free for your honest review.

Most of us base our online purchases on reviews so the more activity these pages have, the better chance I have to share my stories.

Here are some places you can copy and paste your review. (You may have to scroll down on each page.)

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It isn’t necessary that you copy your review everywhere if you don’t have the time. Either of the first two are the most important.

If you really liked the story, please also consider telling someone. Nothing sells books more than a verbal recommendation.

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