Stone of Asylum Cover

Dance of the Crane Part 1

A retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo set in Idaho, 1863.

An epileptic seizure wrenches fourteen-year-old Eldora from her father and dooms her to an underground insane asylum. When she comes into contact with a star garnet, something awakens inside. But she does not yet know how it can free her.

While war divides a young nation, Argonauts flood burgeoning territories in the west. Some seek wealth; others seek a magic garnet hidden deep in Idaho caves. Those who guard the stone’s abilities of eternal life and shapeshifting are called Watchers. There are only two left, and they’ve been separated.

With the stone’s power unprotected, counterfeit shifters exploit it to enslave the country. To reunite the Watchers, Eldora must discover her buried power, and learn to trust it in a world of betrayal and obligation.

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Dance of the Crane Series Content Warning (CW): rape, abuse, blood, kidnapping, death, animal death and cruelty.

Series Info--A retelling of The Count of Monte Cristo

A small group of Watchers once lived near the shore of southern Korea. Through their ability in martial arts, aided by a magic stone, they were invincible.

They came in pairs. The Gadeu, or guard, had supernatural ability in martial arts and eternal life so long as he wore the stone. With him always was Bohoja, his protector, who could shapeshift into an animal. Together, they brought justice to the world around them—so long as they never let personal desires dictate their actions. There’s was a life of service.

Within a decade of the gold rush in California, fortune seekers traveled deeper in the “Golden Mountain” searching for more. What they found instead was a source for the rare stone. Deep in Idaho Territory, the star garnet shines on its own—but only if a Gadeu activates it. Counterfeit shifters have discovered a way to harness the stone. Now, with the power of eternal life and shape-shifting…

one man will use a legend to change the tides of the civil war and the world

one man will discover the price of sacrifice to keep power over others

and a woman will become what she sought to destroy.

Part #1: Stone of Asylum
Part #2: The Reckoner’s Blade
Part #3: Heiress of Coeur d’Alene

“I can’t remember being this engrossed by a book since first reading the The Ninja by Lustbader. I can hardly wait to see what happens in the next installment. Hilarey Johnson has delivered a superb fantasy story that will enthrall young and old alike.”
—Barnes & Noble Review
“The descriptions are so rich and evocative I was hooked instantly. I loved the way the author weaved Idaho’s history into the fantasy world. I can tell this is set up to be an epic trilogy, so I’m looking forward to reading more about these characters.”
—Amazon Review
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