This is the time of the year where I spend many hours outside. Writing and even reading drop off quite a bit. The garden is planted though, and the worst chore (moving compost) is done for the year too.

This year we’ve also taken on an exchange student. He is from Korea, which of course is fun because we study a Korean Martial Art.

I tried to make Kimchi for him, actually, I am still making it. It has to ferment 6 days. The day I made it, he grabbed the bowl as soon as he saw it and tried to walk away with it. I had to explained that it wouldn’t be ready for a week–his grandma makes a big batch in the winter and so they just pull jars off the shelf whenever they want. They pretty much eat it every day. We’ll see what he says after we try it.

I got the recipe here and after we read the ingredients, my oldest was like “why aren’t we already eating this all the time?” That site also had some ideas to incorporate Kimchi into things like Reuben sandwiches…I think I should get another batch going.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.