Sovereign Ground Available in Audio Book

Sovereign Ground Audio Book

I have news for non readers and anyone who loves to listen to story: Sovereign Ground is on audio book. More retailers are coming soon and I’ll update the list as they become available. Some of the audio book sites have free trials.

So, I encourage you to take advantage and sign up to hear the first book in the completed Breaking Bonds Series. You might find a new favorite place to buy and borrow audio books.



You can watch for the following two books in the series, Heart of Petra and Sworn to the Desert on audio as well. There isn’t a fixed time frame yet, but hopefully by 2021. Be sure to sign up for my irregular newsletter so you can receive updates about it.In the meantime, you can purchase the whole series on ebook  for cheaper than purchasing each title individually–print or ebook. (It’s only available for a limited time this way and only on Kindle/Amazon.)

If you bought the first paperbacks with the original covers, or you have some in print and digital–this is a great way to get all of them with the latest version, the same format and in one place.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.