Share your story

I would love to hear your story and consider it for my blog. I’m looking for two different kinds:

Kisses from God

From a perfectly timed rescue to finding your ideal color of paint in the mismatched section, Kisses from God shares touching or miraculous stories where people felt “kissed” by God. Here is the post that inspired the phrase.

Beyond the Churchyard

The churchyard is safe, it is where most second generation Christians spend their childhood. Beyond the Churchyard shares stories and testimonies of people stepping out of their comfort zone for the kingdom of God. I am looking for a specific time when you stood before an opportunity and answered a call. Did you say “yes” and find yourself on an adventure or did you say “no” and watch God move anyway?

I am not looking for devotionals or truths about God, but actual events written in first person story format. All stories must be yours, true, and 200-500 words long.