Self Idolatry

Yesterday our pastor compared Adam and Eve’s sin to our current temptation to self idolatry.

Satan told her that eating the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil would make her “like God.” She decided the fruit was pleasing and it was desirable to become wise, to be the master of her own destiny.

Satan himself is a fallen angel because he desired to ascend to heaven and become like the Most High. Notice that he isn’t claiming to be God. I hear people say they won’t be The God, just a god. Like God. Satan hasn’t really changed his tactics. People are still deceived and led astray by the same lusts as the fall.

One variation of self idolatry that our pastor touched on was the self effacing kind. The: I am no good. I’ve had a hard life. Look at all the missed opportunities and problems I’ve had… Basically, even if you feel like you are worthless: if every sentence in your mind has a “I” or “Me” then you are still worshiping yourself.

I think this is one reason I like to read. Entertainment in the form of television and magazines is so advertisement oriented that I tend to obsess with needs. Eye cream, clothes, hair,food, new cars, health, and a zillion other products that someone wants me to buy. But in fiction–you can live as someone else for awhile!

Not that fiction is any substitute for what really needs to occur–the submission of my whole heart, soul and mind to Christ. And truly that can only happen as I read His word and become transformed through it.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.