Second Generation Christian

I’ve been a second generation Christian, even though I grew up under my grandmother’s prayers, not just my parents’.

Anyone raised in a religious home can become a second generation christian. You are brought up knowing Christ at a young age. But you become complacent because you don’t know what the fallen world is really like.You somehow inherit a generic, meaningless faith–just through the culture.

Even so, you are afraid to step out of your sheltered life.

The parents could have
-always been religious
-grown up wild and unchurched, or
-be reformed backsliders

But when we try to create a churchyard for our children, it places a burden on them which we couldn’t carry. And we deceive ourselves if we think we can create an environment for our children where they will be less tempted to sin than Adam was in the Garden of Eden.

There are blessings in the churchyard — if we don’t become the prodigal son’s older brother or a Pharisee — but there is life when we stop playing church.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.