Running is finished for the year!

I have completed all my runs for Run 4 Heaven’s Gate!

I’ll send out letters when I have the final totals, but unofficially, I personally raised over $2600! What a blessing all the sponsors were to me. I got so many little notes saying “wish I could do more,” or “I know it’s not much,” but I want you to know–it was so much.

All I wanted was to raise more than I spent to run the races and on training. My sponsors multiplied it ten times over. Not only that, but the letters in the mail and watching the online total climb was encouragement I can’t describe. OK, I’ll try: It made running possible!

I ‘m frequently asked if I’m still running, and currently–no. I haven’t ran since the last race. Give me another week to think about it.  It was a good race, however. I pushed myself harder than normal, ran to the halfway mark and then walked the second 6.5ish miles to help guide a blind athlete.

It was my favorite day because it drizzled the first hour (I love to run in light rain) and then cleared up enough to enjoy the walk. The love of my life met me half way to give me a new shirt so I didn’t have to walk drenched.

Thank you so much for supporting this precious ministry.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.