Run 4 Heaven’s Gate (again)

This will be my third year participating in Run 4 Heaven’s Gate. We’ll run four half-marathons in October to raise money for AIDS and HIV children in India. R4HG

I was nervous to start training this year. I don’t love running.

OK, I mostly hate everything about running except that sweet, blessed time right after a run: you’ve just checked something off your to-do list, you get to eat whatever you want (maybe that’s why I’m not losing weight) and the pain is muted because of the endorphin’s.

However, I talked with another participant recently and she told me about a previous illness which prevented her from running, being active at all. And I realized — I should be just praising God that I have the ability to run right now. It might not always be there.

hjThe shift in thinking has helped. There is another reason I run though, my discomfort is so temporal compared to others’ suffering.

I know when you look at the world, it’s extremely difficult to decide which injustice or atrocity you should put your time, money¬† and prayer toward. You just have to seek God and listen to which one he won’t let you stop thinking about.

Please know that even a five dollar donation adds up and it will go a long way to encourage me. I don’t have a bio up as of this post, but I will soon. Here’s my sponsor page. Thank you so much!