Priceless by Tom Davis

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I am a (reforming) library user. For years it was part our homeschool routine to have a weekly trip to the library — and with a designated bag by the entry way we rarely had fees.

I try to buy books now, but with so many free kindle books I usually have a dozen or more books I want to read waiting for me. Now my library offers kindles…

But I did it. I bought a kindle book. Priceless, by Tom Davis (FBpage, @cthomasdavis.) It was the first time I wanted to read something enough to grab it right then and start reading. I wasn’t at home either so it made it even more exciting.

I’d been interested in the book for awhile, but I was trying to kill time and I watched the trailer.  You can watch it below. It made me impulsive. I see why people like to shop!

Priceless is a great book, I highly recommend it because of the writing, the pacing and the action.

Lately I’ve been finding several books I’ve enjoyed from the same publisher, David C. Cook. You can sign up for their free monthly e-book newsletter here. Keep an eye on them because they publish less typical themes and stories.

If you are hesitant to read a book about the sex industry, don’t be. Priceless is well done. You won’t feel lectured or fearful, it is simply a good book.

I spoke with an editor at another Christian publisher about books on the sex trade, he said the industry was “too dark.” Seriously, comment and tell me if you believe it’s darker than murder or drugs. All have to be dealt with and acknowledged if we are to try and become legitimate “light.”

If you think sex trafficking is a foreign problem (or that it will go away if we ignore it,) Here are a few links for you to check out. And please show your support to local ministries, such as Courage2BU, like and share their FB page.

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