Kisses from God–Perception

Sometimes we see ourselves so differently than others see us. I remember sitting in church once, ignoring the sermon, looking at the feet of the well put together woman sitting next me. She had pretty sandals and her dainty toenails were painted sparkly pink.

I missed the whole sermon tearing myself down. I rushed out of the house this morning, I never take time for make-up, I don’t have nice clothes, I rarely even match! Everyone else gets new clothes every season and I have had this skirt for years… It was a huge pity party.

After everyone got up to leave the woman turned to me and said, “You have such pretty feet.”

I couldn’t even answer her. She continued with an explanation about how she had “that toenail fungus disease,” she could never leave the house without painting her toenails and she longed to go without.

Unfortunately, I don’t remember replying. I was too shocked and a little embarrassed. I always thought that event was because God was telling me to pay more attention to the preachin’.

My good friend and I were comparing toenail polish the other day when I related that story. She is studying to receive her Masters in psychology so sometimes I call her my shrink.

My shrink pointed out that people rarely offer that kind of personal info–which I hadn’t really considered. Then she asked, “Was that just for you then?”

Not just the scolding I had always felt, just a kiss from God. I don’t have to be as classy and “put together” as all the other ladies. I am loved.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.