Open in case of emergency

I’ve read about southern towns from authors like (my favorite) Joshilyn Jackson where ladies in the community keep a covered dish in the freezer to give away when someone moves or has a baby.

I haven’t lived in a place like that, but I’ve usually had the wisdom to keep an emergency meal on hand, especially when the kids were at home. I also tried to be ready for a “house meal.” They didn’t love casserole, but it’s a icon of comfort food for me. My mom usually cooked healthy, so tuna casserole was the most decadent thing I remember. 

When our dog had to be put down last summer, I scrapped dinner plans and went to the store to make one. This isn’t a cooking blog so I won’t bore you with the recipe, but that night I made enough for two, and stuck one in the freezer.

I decided I didn’t want to be caught off guard again…in case I needed to drown my sorrow in cheesy noodles. For the last nine months I tried to always keep one on hand.

And then I realized one day, that I have never kept a bottle of champagne in my cupboard.

I was living with the expectation of sorrow and scarcity–instead of hopefulness and joy.

You can see my new bottle waiting for me while my kombucha ferments behind it.

I want the reminder to live in anticipation, but I will use it and replace it rather than let it become a dusty decoration.

Are you more likely to keep a proverbial tuna casserole or bottle of champagne on hand?