My Backyard Cluck-Clucks

The latest in my gardening adventures was the idea to get a few backyard chickens.

The June-bearing are almost ready

Originally, I thought I’d keep them in the garden. I knew they made fabulous fertilizer, would eat all the bugs (we were counting on black widows and hobos especially) and all their scratching is supposed to aerate the soil.

We ended up with about 10 sheets of nearly new plywood from a generous friend. So it seemed like a great time to get started and we picked up three chicks. Two Buff Orpington and one Delaware.

The house didn’t get put together as quick as I’d hoped. Rainy weekends and lots of building trial and error…the chicks started to outgrow the plastic bucket in the garage.

Peas blooming--such a pretty flower

One of my son’s friends stopped by, noticed the incomplete chicken house in the garden and said “Did you know they’ll eat your entire garden? You won’t have anything left.”

About that time I won three more chicks from a blog I had just found, Boise Backyard Chickens. When I went to pick them up I confirmed–yes, they will decimate a garden.

It had already been such a chore for my poor husband to build the house for based off my limited knowledge and a picture I drew, then we had to move it…

But it is done! Not finished, but put together enough to move the birds inside. Nestled on a side yard between two apple trees, live six much happier birds.

We have the inside sectioned off, one side for food and water and the other with roosts and bedding. But for now, there is a grate separating them so the bigger girls can see the chicks without poking their eyes out just yet.Now that they have been introduced, we’ll put them together and hope for the best.

They are supposed to spend a few days inside so they will see it as home and will always return to roost. This gives us a time limit to build the chicken yard.


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