Moving Foward

It is so easy to be discouraged in life, even in the tasks I know I am called to do.

My son and I went on a walk yesterday. This one has a way with words and my poetic child told me, out of the blue, “When you walk facing the wind, no one can see your tears.”

I love the Irish proverb …may the wind always be at your back… but I am starting to see some truth in my son’s absent-minded observation.

Therefore I will trudge on: head right into the wind. God never promised to make things easy. He says in Isaiah 43:2: when you pass through the waters, when you walk through the fire. Here is the part He does promise: “I will be with you.”

Therefore, you can face the wind with God and hopefully it will whisk your tears behind you.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.