Mountaintop Experiences

My kids have been raised in the church, just like me, and they know enough not to seek out “Mountaintop Experiences” in lieu a daily walk. (You know, those high emotional places that don’t last beyond the final day of camp.)

But I remember a time when I was a teenager, not trying to walk with God, actually trying not to walk with Him. We were on a trip to Mexico, building houses. I decided to walk up to the top of a hill early one morning, overlooking our camp. I think I wanted that emotional connection. I didn’t want God to see me where I was, I wanted to go meet with him instead.

It was a pretty sunrise, and I plopped down to enjoy it. I didn’t get all of the way to the ground–I was met halfway by a cactus.

So I trudged down the hill and had to ask a youth pastor to pull out some of the needles I couldn’t reach…

So here’s to mountaintops and valleys, meeting God and being-met-by-God–right where you are!

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.