More than others

I usually don’t know much about celebrities and idols because I try to avert my eyes at the grocery checkout. But a little while ago I came across a quote from a teen star regarding her current love. She said they were “deeper than normal people.” I guess her experience of being in love somehow touched a place Romeo and Juliet never felt…

I think I am old enough to laugh when a kid says something like that. It reminded me of a scene in “Look Who’s Talking.” Kristi Alley is just about to give birth and she asks the nurse for a pain killer because she thinks she may be in “more pain than women normally feel.” (I would have posted a video of it here but there is a cuss word in that scene and my kids read my blog.)

This leads into the reason I write women’s fiction. When I was newly married, I read every time I nursed. Novel after novel, until one day I realized: I was already married so, naturally, my quota for romance was filled!

I decided I wanted a book that explored some of the other loves a woman feels in her life, specifically–the mother child bond. Go figure. Maybe I thought my emotions toward my child were unique.

That was before I had ever heard about women’s fiction: A story which stands without the boy meets girl, boy looses girl, then they finally have that conversation which clears up the misunderstanding and get married plot.

To me, romance in a book is the frosting. I like cake with a little frosting. Some just eat frosting. I knew a gal who had the perfect description, she called all fiction “brain candy.”

What elements in a book make it most relaxing/enjoyable for you? Romance, allegory, action, surreal landscape?

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.