Magic realism or fantasy?

Classifying your genre is a difficult part of a writer’s job, at least for me. I’ve been told there is no such thing as historical fantasy–but even though I spent a great deal of time researching my latest series, I wouldn’t list it in historical fiction alone.

Mostly because of the shape-shifting.

I didn’t do a huge “cover reveal” because I had the picture up on my kickstarter campaign before I was ready to announce the book. We are just a few days into the campaign and I could still use help.

Writers like to classify genres down to Kingdom…Phylum…Sub-phylum…Order and Family. Maybe it makes us feel more legit to be science-y.  Maybe because it is just so HARD to take all that is a story and boil it down to a paragraph, a sentence or a word.

Of course we have no choice.

I’ll announce the book officially on my mailing list next month, but for now, I’m categorizing the genre. Enjoy the sneak peak:

An epileptic seizure sends fourteen year old Eldora to an underground insane asylum. When she comes into contact with a star garnet, a new destiny ignites. Yi Bae, a watcher, left China to search for his kidnapped sister in the aftermath of America’s Gold Rush era. His mission is compromised when he meets a girl who interrupts his devotion to the stone.

Set against the volatile backdrop of 1863 Idaho Territory, Stone of Asylum searches for freedom in a world of betrayal and obligation.

2 thoughts on “Magic realism or fantasy?

  1. Margaret Goodman says:

    I’m glad you didn’t let anybody discourage you from writing “Historical Fantasy” just because they didn’t think it could be done. There’s got to be somebody who goes first!

    (And apparently whoever told you that has never read Connie Willis or Orson Scott Card.)

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