Kisses from God–Mysterious Driver

By Katie Mayne

I was rafting down the Truckee River in California with my good friend, Karen, and two cousins. My cousin, Andy, was my age and best friend. He was having health issues. Multiple times in that year he lost consciousness, once he even coded. No doctor had an idea of what was going on and  I was scared for his life many times. That day the icy water of the river got to him. He started to shiver, bumps formed on his body and he was having a difficult time staying conscious.

In a panic, Karen and I rushed to the street. It was a horrible place to hitchhike: a curvy two-lane road. There we stood–bathing suit-clad eighteen year old girls–afraid to stick our thumb out for a ride. We just wanted to get to our car so we could get Andy to the doctor. Immediately after Karen shyly placed her thumb out, an expensive looking car slowed to a stop. Dripping wet, we apologized to this tall, strong-looking man. He said little as he drove us to our stop. After we got out, he turned his car around.

There was nothing between where we had been rafting and where we were dropped off.  As I looked back to see where he might be going, his car just wasn’t there. We quickly retrieved my cousins and soon Andy was warm and back to his old self.

With the emergency averted, Karen and I discussed how blessed we were for this kind stranger who showed up when we needed help. The story could have been different. Karen, a girl with strong faith said that man must be an angel sent to help and protect us. I never knew why he was driving down river road just to turn around and go back, I never knew where his car actually went,  I never knew if  he was an angel but I do know that God sent him to help and protect us.

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