Kisses from God–Help with a sling

By Diane J Wolski

I was a caretaker to my, now deceased, husband for five years. Arne was confined to a wheel chair. In the early days of his coming home from a three month stay in a VA hospital I had to move him from his chair to his hospital bed, using a sling and a hoyer. Every night there was this big fight from him that I wasn’t placing the sling around his body properly. It came to be that I actually hated this nightly chore.

Then in desperation I yelled silently “Please help me. Please tell me what to do….” In that instant a “vision” came to me on how to fold the sling in half and mark with a magic marker the middle of it, and how to place it down the middle of Arne’s back using this line dividing the sling.

I never had any more trouble again with this chore. Angles are out there helping all the time…

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