Jalapenos? Kitten food…

My husband has developed a taste for spice that few peppers can temper.

We had a whole garden bed devoted to the fiery little bits. This is a small portion of our harvest,  in the back you can see the bell peppers…second class citizens.

We’ve dried and pickled serenos, jalapenos, Thai chilies, Tabasco “super chilies” and habeneros . And made dozens of jars of something we’ve named “Hab-Sauce.” I also tried a batch of Habenero Gold this year–it was a new project from my favorite canning book.

Habenero Gold is a glorified adaption of jalapeno jelly, which you can eat with tortilla strips and cream cheese or brie. Last year I just substituted jalapenos with habeneros and it was such a hit that this year I decided to try the recipe that showed dainty bits of golden apricot and red bell pepper suspended in the spicy jelly.

But my husband was not pleased I used even a handful of his habeneros on an experiment. It actually turned into a “discussion.”

He said I could make it but he wouldn’t eat any. And I lamented to my daughter that I wanted him to both eat it and like it. She was a little disturbed that she understood me. Her comment was that if a man made some jelly and another man said (use a donkey voice from Shrek) “No, I don’t want no jelly.” The first guy would say “Cool.”

But a woman? No. “You’ll eat it. And if you love me, you’ll like it.”

Girls, help me out here. Who else has a neurotic drive for sharing, community and an intimate society? Is it only women?


4 thoughts on “Jalapenos? Kitten food…

  1. Craaaazy Laaady says:

    >I hear you! I struggle with this all the time. I bring in treats to a church gathering, and if there are any left….then maybe….they don't like me. I seem to find joy and acceptance in feeding and sharing things I make with others. The more they like it the better. I always find myself going above and beyond to make things I know people like. Maybe it is the "caregiver" part of woman that God instilled in us. Don't get me wrong, I am a selfish wretch, but I really find joy in sharing things with others….even if they don't want it.

  2. Kimberly says:

    >Oh, this has been a struggle for over 11 years at our house. My hubby just likes his own cooking. Occasionally I hit upon something he likes, but just occasionally. I seriously think this was part of what played into my being ready to have children. I so badly wanted someone to like my cooking! 🙂 Sometimes I make food for my neighbor because she always appreciates it. Guess this IS something common to women.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.