Is Facebook on its way out?

I’ve been offline for awhile. A few weeks ago I took my laptop with me on vacation to followup on a design project deadline. I think it ended up being a faux-deadline so all the late submissions would still arrive on time, and in the end, I left my laptop in another state for two weeks.

C’est la vie.

I could have blogged from the kid’s computer, or my phone even, but I actually enjoyed the legitimate excuse to not be online. This brings me to a conversation I had with a self proclaimed “fuddy-duddy” who hasn’t made the leap to Facebook and Linked-in yet. In fact, she refuses.

Her philosophy (not the kind you get in a patriotic tavern with a draught or cider in your hand, but squinty-eye-midday-philosophy) was companies spend billions of dollars to protect their corporate identity and then create a Facebook page–allowing anyone to post any kind of comment, accompanied by any kind of picture.

She said, like myspace, it will fade when companies realize Facebook has turned and bitten them.

Her own experience was that she needed information from a company which directed her to their FB page. Even though she did not have an account, she went to the page and was offended by the content of other users.

Set the productivity issues aside, and the fact that little girls constantly post pictures they should be getting paid for…Facebook is a security issue and an identity issue.

I know social media is here to stay, but it will continue to evolve as our society devolves. What do you think, is Facebook immortal (other than the fact that everything you post will live forever)?

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