This is a Cat Face Spider. When we first moved to Idaho, I found one in the yard and captured it. I didn’t think anything so ugly needed to live.

Don’t get mad, it was right after we were tormented with tales of Hobo Spiders. An aggressive, poisonous spider that lives here. I wondered why God had brought me to such a place.

Big wimp, I know.

But I came from Lake Tahoe, where we don’t have to worry about poisonous spiders or snakes.

Now that I know Cat Face Spiders kill Hobos, they have become my favorite garden pet. All you need is a little perspective.

I am not a photographer, I can hardly take a picture in focus, but I love this one:

Isn’t it cool?

2 thoughts on “Irony

  1. Craaaazy Laaady says:

    >We have one of these next to our door light on the front porch every year. We notice her when her bum is smaller, and then it gets bigger. Then we we notice she has slimmed down a bunch we know she will be gone soon. We now have a peach colored "egg sac" across from where she resided most of the late summer. They have also been called "garden gems" because they are so good for your garden. Ours are named "Bertha" every time. Great picture!

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