How to save for your anniversary

Kevin and I have are celebrating 18 years today!

Last year I read on a  friend’s blog that she saved all her loose change for one year. She saved enough to buy herself a bicycle. I decided I wanted some splurge money for our anniversary. Sometimes it is hard to justify spending on yourself when three teenagers have so many needs and wants.

So Kevin and I set a jar on our bathroom counter and saved every silver coin we could find from last year on February 2. We ended up with more than $170. We plan to do a little redecorating in the master bedroom, new paint at least.

Something unexpected happened, all year long–when I would see the jar–I had a mindset that our marriage was worth depositing into. It was worth guarding those coins, to not pull from that jar a little money for incidentals or even one of the kids when it belonged jointly to my husband and me.

In fact, it is worth guarding every little bit of your life that belongs to the two of you alone.

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