How do you recharge your day?

One thing we learned about running this summer is that there is a difference between speed and endurance running. We started off not carrying anything but a music player. It wasn’t until we brought water that we were able to run more than a few miles and when we finally tried “Gu,” a runner gel, we broke our 5 mile plateau.

There are several different options. The hydration gels and chews are basically electrolytes and calories. “Gu” was really hard to get down, it is very thick, almost like toothpaste. “Hammer gel” was a little thinner and easier to swallow. But we could have just been getting used to it by then. My favorite ended up being a more natural version called “Honey Stinger.” Lime-Ade is awesome.Although, we also like to use honey packets occasionally.

It’s funny, I grew up thinking calories=bad, so why take something like this? But not only were we able to run further–I didn’t feel like crying as much after.

I have two kids in a college prep high school and my freshman is still learning to transition from my laid back homeschool style to the work load.

Sometimes they have to choose which extra curricular to forgo in order to complete homework. But I think they need those extra-curricular. (Particularly their dynamic youth group.) Of course nothing beats a night at home to regroup and recharge, but  fellowship with their Christian friends, worship and a great message can be the difference between an overwhelmed-stressed out week and the endurance to make it through.

Adults need the recharge too. What do you do to get through your week?

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.