Honoring my over-commitments

We keep a pretty busy schedule now that all my kids are teenager or nearly-teenager. When they were younger we spent most mornings eating breakfast late and reading by the fire, now it seems like we have somewhere to go every day of the week.

I added a new commitment this fall, and so I dropped one to compensate. However, I keep feeling pricks to go back. So I wrestle in my mind about the busy holiday, a commitment that makes me drive at night, in the winter…and any other excuse I can find.

I am not content refusing, but I keep trying. Worse is when I offer help, but then the call comes, “Oh, you mean right now?”

I have been on the other end often too, when people promise but can’t be counted on. No one shows up to teach one of the Sunday school classes and the leaders scramble to cover. (Of course God always provides.) But wouldn’t we be fired if we treated jobs like we treat our church commitments?

Here is another place where we need to obey Christ and let our yes be yes and our no be no. Matthew 5:37

Doesn’t it seems service to God is rarely convenient? For example, meals ministry usually calls when the budget is tight. It makes me laugh to think that if I was at a hospital and called the pastor for prayer he might answer, “I really didn’t get enough sleep last night, I’m too tired.” We serve because there is need, not because it is easy.

Fortunately it isn’t without reward, even here on earth. The commitment I have been skirting is helping on Wednesday nights. Last Sunday our church had a baptism and I watched three separate kids, whom I taught last year, go forward. I didn’t have anything to do with their declaration, but I was personally invested in their lives. The reward? A satisfaction I didn’t expect.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.