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My son needed to make and decorate a pinata for his Spanish class in homeschool co op. He had a handful of waded up tissue paper that he brought home, but I wanted to find the tissue squares we used to decorate pinatas when I was little.

I don’t know if my mom was particularly inventive/crafty, or if it was just a part of being a kid in the 70s that meant making things like pinatas. I assumed people still did it all the time. We went to four different craft stores looking for tissue paper squares–which you can buy online–but no one had even heard of them. The lady at one craft store laughed when I told her what it was for, she said you can buy pinatas cheaper. (She’s probably right, that particular craft store is expensive.)

Buy a pinata, cheaper than making it? I guess I have really come into my age because I wonder about the next generation…how will they turn out not knowing how to make a God’s eye out of twigs?

So here are some simple instructions for a pinata: 1. Mix 2 cups of flour, 2 cups of water and 1 TBL of salt. You must do this outside, in the summer sun, barefoot.

2.  Tear a newspaper into strips. You can’t use just any newspaper, if you buy one it won’t work. It has to be recycled from a neighbor or  stolen from the ads in the front of a major store.

3. Blow a balloon you received for free from a booth at a fair, or from any other capitalist trying to advertise something. Fill it with carbon dioxide.

4. Dip the stolen strips into the homemade plaster and lay them across the balloon. Cover completely. If it is too thick it will slip off but if it is too thin it might not cover everything and you will have holes.

5. Dry. I had to dry mine in the laundry room because the weather has decided to become spring after all and it is raining. But it dries better outside.
6. Decorate. You can paint it with tempura paint, or glue strips of paper on one by one. This worked out better for us when we got an assembly line going. My son tore the strips and twisted them while I glued.

We had to use plain tissue paper but there are plenty of unique ideas for decorating online. One was gluing cupcake liners in rows. The foil ones might make a pretty finished product.

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  1. sariah says:

    >I made a pinata in 8th grade Spanish class. It was a hot air ballon and I remember it took forever and turned out quite ugly. You guys did a much better job

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