Heart of Petra is now available for Pre-order

Book two in the Breaking Bonds Series, Heart of Petra,  has an official release date: October 28, 2014. The Kindle version is available for pre-order now. Heart of Petra Breaking Bonds Book 2

I’m not a huge fan of series — and I never intended to write one. But the sweet girl whose parents refused to help Sparrow kept talking to me. I could not get her voice out of my head — she was so jaded and kept saying everything her parents had told her was a lie.

At the time, someone had shared a video with me about girls who had chosen to let their parents, their father specifically, choose a husband for them.

My children were still home-schooled and we tried to watch it with open hearts (even though the very idea irritated me.) All I could think about was how often girls have been given in marriage for kingdom or political allegiance. I knew if a father loved his daughter he would try to choose the best for her…but what if he stood to gain financially from a different alignment? And even more — what if he was in rebellion to God in the secret places of his heart?

Suddenly, her heart might not be his primary concern.

However, that is not why I chose the title. I wanted the similarity with “heart of stone.”

Petra is the feminine form of Peter which means “rock.” Too often, when you are raised in the church, you can become hardened. Either because you don’t know, or you don’t remember what life is like without Christ.

So meet Petra. Her heart is in danger.

4 thoughts on “Heart of Petra is now available for Pre-order

  1. Jessica says:

    Wow, Hilarey!! You’ve done it again! Keeping me up till 3am night after night, because I can’t put your book down! You’ve managed to write another incredibly intriguing and spiritually suspenseful story. Love the series. Love the contrast with the first one, yet similar and entwined. Such a truthful and revealing look into areas of life we want to ignore. Congrats!

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