He Sees–El Roi

My son came running inside a few weeks ago, there was something trapped under our car.

It turned out to be a kitten, so small it didn’t yet have the cat meow sound. Just a pitiful baby cry.

He was pretty mangy. I gave him a bath under my faucet with some puppy flea shampoo, wrapped him in a towel and took him upstairs to apologize to my husband.

We have so many cats running around our neighborhood–probably the undeveloped land surrounding us contributes–I just planned to take him to the humane society. We already have two dogs, and they couldn’t stop shaking and salivating when they caught sight of the kitty. I didn’t desire to rescue him so he could become a meal. Plus, that last thing I want is a male cat…a long haired one was worse.

Unfortunately our city shelter doesn’t take cats. There are a few volunteer cat rescue operations in the area, but they were full with four to six week waiting lists. I thought about taking him to the county humane society, but one of the cat shelters said they euthanize the too weak or too small.

It didn’t take long to realize that this cat was intended for our family.

I wanted to post about how God cares for the tiniest creatures. He sees when a sparrow falls to the ground…and that we are worth many sparrows.

But my husband came home and told me about a news video of a child run over in China–twice, and the many people who walked by in disregard. This is the kind of thing that whispers, “how can God be good*?”

If God is not good, what hope do we have? I admit I struggle sometimes when I peer out of the churchyard and see/hear the world. One place that I put my faith–He sees.

There will be a reckoning. He sees. We (individually, not collectively) can either answer for our sins or let them be absolved by Christ.

One of God’s names: El Roi means the God who sees. We are told in Proverbs 5:21 “For your ways are in full view of the LORD, and he examines all your paths.” In Genesis 16 Hagar called Him “The God who sees me.”

Be absolved by Christ, the reckoning is coming. El Roi does see.

(*when he lets humans do what they want)

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