Gospel Tracts

I have been told that Gospel tracts are too offensive. Although, maybe it is the gospel itself which causes offense.

After spending ten years in a church which discussed issue like: whether or not God truly parted the Red Sea–or if the battle hardened soldiers just tripped on weeds, my dad found a tract. I was eleven years old.

His life was forever changed by the time he finished reading the message. And consequently, so was mine.

Happy Good Friday! Happy Resurrection Weekend!

Here is a link to some tracts I created for a vacation Bible school several years ago. English Page 1, Page 2 They are a simple Roman’s Road tract. You can print them on Avery business cards 8869. Here are the dimensions:

I had a friend who speaks Spanish and was good enough to translate them for me if you can use them as well. Spanish Page 1, Page 2

If you print on both sides of the business cards, you can punch them out and staple them together to create a little booklet. Here is the finished product:

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.