Goodbye Jayne Cobb

20140413_171733One week today we lost our kitty, Jayne Cobb. He was not wanted when he showed up, less than a handful of matted, dirty hair. I didn’t realize I was a cat person until he spent the last three years following me around every morning (making that precious grumble Maine Coon cats make) until I picked him up and hugged him for awhile.

He always represented to me the things God knows we need before we know. And how, if I would submit to God, I’d be blessed beyond expectation.

Jayne seemed to go through his extra lives early on and I can say I am glad no one took him all those times I tried to find a home for him that first month. Just having him for three years was better than not knowing him.

I keep picturing him, so sweet, no soul, deep under my new Rose of Sharon bush. It’s painful.

If you buy dry cat food, it may have contributed to the crystals which caused the UTI that killed him. I found some sites online that talked about holistic preventative treatments including apple cider vinegar and wet food. Not sure if it would work, but it may be worth researching.

One of the first times I posted a picture of him on my blog was for Halloween three years ago.

5 thoughts on “Goodbye Jayne Cobb

  1. Kim says:

    So very sorry, Hilary. I just became a cat person this summer for the first time when a starving orphaned kitten showed up at my house. Now she is a special part of our family. It is SO hard when we lose these furry family members!

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