Going through the motions

September/October is crazy this year.

With homeschool and tomatoes begging to be harvested…canned…dried…whatever, we also joined two different homeschool co-ops. Six days a month doesn’t seem like a huge chunk but when you loose a day of school it changes your whole week.

I traveled to St. Louis this fall, we’ve had guests in and out (though I wouldn’t change that,) and we’re running four half-marathons in addition to the usual dentist appointments, AWANAs, youth groups, etc. Actually I wouldn’t change any of it.

As I tally the events of the last six weeks, I realize I’ve neglected writing time and devotion time. When my mom pulled out her Bible study book during her visit I wondered how long it had been since my morning time was sacred.

The early morning hours are my most productive and creative. A good day is spent with coffee and a Bible study, then writing, then waking the house up.

There are on the tip of my tongue…many valid excuses. But they don’t taste true.

It is funny how you can “know” your body needs something but not follow through–not be in the mood to complete it, or make time for it.

I feel how much is missing in my spirit, how meaningless the chores become when I neglect time with God.

Sacred sunrise or desecrated day.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.