Finishing well isn’t coasting because you’re close

Last fall my daughter and I ran four half marathons for a fundraiser and during that time our pastor spoke on finishing well. It really reached me at the time and since I have a particularly demanding two months ahead of me, I dug up my sermon notes to review. You can listen to the full sermon via the link at the bottom.

Philippians 3:7-12

  • Finishing well is making the decision to suffer at all costs to follow through
  • If you are afraid to suffer, you cannot love (If you fear tears/loss/rejection, you cannot love)
  • If you fear pain/loss, you will not succeed in business or any aspect of life
  • An athlete wins because he suffers: gets up earlier, works harder, trains longer
  • A soldier makes the decision before he goes into battle that whatever is needed (sight/limb/his life) he will give it.
  • Vs. 12–I haven’t arrived but I know where I am going
  • Finishing well is not coasting because you think you are close!
  • You can’t go into neutral in your marriage or your life. Finishing well is “keep going and don’t become passive.”
  • When you know what in your life you need to lay hold of–go get it!
  • Vs. 13–Forget the things that are behind and press forward.
  • 2 Timothy 4:7–There is only one good fight.

Get back on course…and finish!

—->Bob Caldwell, Calvary Chapel Finishing Well 9/11/11

2 thoughts on “Finishing well isn’t coasting because you’re close

  1. Penelope Swithinbank says:

    Yay and Amen! Thank you for this timely reminder not just to keep going/keep going through the motions, or even to coast – but to finish well. Strangely enough, my post yesterday was also on Philippians 3 and the reminder of keeping on to reach the goal. Seems like the Lord is trying to teach me something?!

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