Coffee Time

Several weeks ago, our two year old coffee pot broke. It stopped turning off after it brewed and I had to plug and unplug it instead of using the dial. This was fine with me because I wasn’t eager to spend the money on a new insulated carafe pot. Unfortunately, the coffee started tasting chemically-burnt. We tossed it and managed as long as we could–my husband even resurrected the ash-covered, camping percolator to bide time.

Eventually we coughed up the money, read reviews and ordered a Zojirushi coffee pot. It was like Christmas when it arrived. Only…it didn’t work at all. We rinsed, repacked, returned, and went out to coffee. Next, we stomped to a department store and purchased another.

This one touted “fastest brewing machine available.” It was so fast that the gold filter couldn’t transfer the liquid into the pot in time, spewing it all over the counter.

By now we were asking God for a sign to quit coffee. Just one sign…

We didn’t want another rush decision. My husband brought home his single serving French press from work to keep us content while we shopped. Right away, we wondered “When did we forget how delicious French press coffee is?”

So we bought a $20 Bodum, 8-cup press. Best coffee I’ve had in years! You can see the delicate coffee oils floating in your cup–which I assume are normally trapped in the paper filter. It is unbelievably hot, you have to wait several minutes to drink it. And–it uses less beans than any of the automatic machines we’ve ever tried.

Please share your heart. We learn from each other.