A second-rate brain

“In fact, because Christ said we could only get into His world by being like little children, many Christians have the idea that, provided you are “good,” it does not matter being a fool… …Christ never meant we are to remain children in intelligence: on the contrary, He told us not only to be “harmless Read More

The Artful Edit

A friend recommended “The Artful Edit,” by Susan Bell. A couple of quotes stood out right away and I wanted to share them. “Write the story that needs to be written–not what you want to write. Refrain from imposing an inorganic idea in it or turn it into something it isn’t meant to be. To Read More

The details

On Sunday, our pastor taught on God’s Sovereign Providence in Genesis 24. At the end he mentioned a “romantic interlude,” describing the moment Rebekah and Issac first met. He said that God didn’t have to have Rebekah arrive at evening…while the sun was setting…just when Issac had walked out into the field to pray. But Read More